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Home Developing Countries and Their Features


Developing Countries and Their Features:


Introduction to Developing/Underdeveloped/Less Developed/Third World Countries:


It was the Industrial Revolution which bifurcated the World into two distinctive parts. The Rich Countries and the Poor Countries. The rich countries are consisted of US, UK, France, Germany and Australia etc. Continue reading.


Structure of Developing Countries:


The structure of Third World/developing Countries will be evaluated by considering the following: Continue reading.


Common Characteristics of Developing/Third World Countries:


The developing countries are characterized with low living levels. Not only the majority of the population of UDCs is poorer as compared with their western counter-parts, but they are also wretched financially in comparison with their own small elites living in big towns and cities etc. Continue reading.


Problems/Obstacles in the Way of Economic Growth:


Here we shall discuss those factors and problems/obstacles in the way of economic growth. They are as: Continue reading.



Principles and Theories of Micro Economics
Definition and Explanation of Economics
Theory of Consumer Behavior
Indifference Curve Analysis of Consumer's Equilibrium
Theory of Demand
Theory of Supply
Elasticity of Demand
Elasticity of Supply
Equilibrium of Demand and Supply
Economic Resources
Scale of Production
Laws of Returns
Production Function
Cost Analysis
Various Revenue Concepts
Price and output Determination Under Perfect Competition
Price and Output Determination Under Monopoly
Price and Output Determination Under Monopolistic/Imperfect Competition
Theory of Factor Pricing OR Theory of Distribution
Principles and Theories of Macro Economics
National Income and Its Measurement
Principles of Public Finance
Public Revenue and Taxation
National Debt and Income Determination
Fiscal Policy
Determinants of the Level of National Income and Employment
Determination of National Income
Theories of Employment
Theory of International Trade
Balance of Payments
Commercial Policy
Development and Planning Economics
Introduction to Development Economics
Features of Developing Countries
Economic Development and Economic Growth
Theories of Under Development
Theories of Economic Growth
Agriculture and Economic Development
Monetary Economics and Public Finance

History of Money

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