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Economic Resources:


Economic Resources:


Economic resources are those scarce resources which help in the production of goods and services. The economic resources are classified under two main heads: Continue reading.


Land as a Factor of Production:


The term land in economics is used in a special sense. It does not mean soil or earth surface alone. Land in economics means natural resources. Continue reading.


Labor as a Factor of Production:


"Labor is an important factor of production. It is described as any human work which is performed with the help of mind or physique with a view to earn income". Continue reading.


Entrepreneur as a Factor of Production:


The entrepreneur is an organizer. He is the person who organizes production by bringing together the other three factor of production land, labor and capital. Continue reading.


Division of Labor:


"By division of labor is meant the specialization, of work. It refers to splitting up of a task into a number of processes and sub-processes and carrying it out by a person or a group of persons who are best fitted for it". Continue reading.


Mobility of Labor:


"Mobility of labor refers to movement of labor from one place to another or changing of profession or status or grade". Continue reading.


Capital as Factor of Production:


Capital is an important factor of production. It consists of those goods which are produced by the economic system and are used as inputs in the production of further goods and services.  Continue reading.


Capital Formation:


Capital is one of the important factors which governs the quantity and the composition of output in a country. Continue reading.


Capital Market:


There are two types of financing markets: (1) Money Market and (2) Capital Market.

Continue reading.




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Elasticity of Supply
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Economic Resources
Scale of Production
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Balance of Payments
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History of Money

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