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Economics as a Science of Growth and Efficiency:


If we define Economics as a science of administration of scare resources, then its scope becomes too wide and includes the whole of economics life and not merely that part of it which is connected with the market price.


Latest/Modern Definition of Economics:


The modern economist’s define economics as:


"A science of growth and efficiency".


According to Samuelson:


"Economics is the study of how people and society end up closing, with or without the use of money, to employ scarce productive resources that could have alternative uses, to produce various commodities and distribute them for consumption now or in the future among various persons and groups in society".


It analyses the cost and benefits of improving patterns of resource allocation.


In the words of C.R. McConnell:


“Economics can be defined as a science of efficiency in the use of resources so as to attain the greatest or maximum fulfillment of society’s unlimited wants. Efficiency here implies technical efficiency and economic efficiency in the use of scarce resources for producing a given level of output. The term efficiency also relates to the efficiency of whole economics system. If one section of the society is made better off without making the other section worse off, we can say the economic system is operating efficiently".


After considering the various definitions, Economics can be defined as:


“A social science which is concerned with the proper use and allocation of resources for the achievement and maintenance of growth with stability and efficiency”.

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