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The entrepreneur is an organizer. He is the person who organizes the production by bringing together the other three factor of production land, labor and capital.

Meaning and Definition of Entrepreneur in Economics:

Benham defines it, as:

“An entrepreneur as a person who controls the policy of the firm”.

Functions of an Entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur performs the following functions:

(i) He conceives the idea of launching the project.

(ii) He mobilizes the resources for smooth running of the project.

(iii) The decision of what, where and how to produce goods are taken by the entrepreneur.

(iv) He undertakes the risks involved in production.

(v) He is an innovator. He innovates new techniques of production, new products and brings improvements in the quality of existing products. He is in fact the captain of the industry.

(vi) In a joint stock organization, the entrepreneurial functions are shared between the shareholders, the directors and the top executives.