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Objectives of Modern Commercial Policy:


The main objectives of the modern commercial policy are:


First, to increase the quantity of trade with foreign nations.


Second, to preserve, the essential raw material for encouraging the development of domestic industries.


Third, to stimulate the export of particular products with a view to increasing their scale of production at home.


Fourth, to prevent the imports of particular goods for giving protection to infant industries or developing key industry or saving foreign exchange, etc., etc.


Fifth, to restrict imports for securing diversification of industries.


Sixth, to encourage the imports of capital goods for speeding up the economic development of the country.


Seventh, to restrict the imports of goods with a view to correct the unfavorable balance of payments.


Eighth, to assist or prevent the export or import of goods and services for achieving the desired rate of exchange.


Ninth, to enter into trade agreements with foreign nations for stabilizing the foreign trade.

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