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Definition and Meaning of Rent:


The term 'rent' is an unfortunate one. Its meanings in Economics differ from the ordinary usage. In the every day speech, the term, rent is applied to the periodic payments made regularly for the hire of a particular asset. Continue reading.


Ricardian Theory of Rent/Ricardian Model of Rent:


The theory of economic rent was first propounded by the English Classical Economist David Ricardo (1773 -1823). David Ricardo in his book. "Principles of Political Economy and Taxation", defined rent as that: Continue reading.


Modern Theory of Rent:


The modern economists like Pareto, Mrs. Joan Robinson, Boulding, Sligler, Shepherd, have tried to simplify and generalize the Ricardian theory of rent. Continue reading.


Rent and Price Theory:


There is a controversy in the Ricardian theory of rent whether rent enters into the price of the produce or not. Ricardo is of the view that rent does not form a part of the price of agricultural production. It is the result of price. Continue reading.


Concept of Quasi Rent:


The concept of quasi-rent owes its origin to Dr. Alfred Marshall. Dr. Marshal is of the opinion that: Continue reading.


Economic Progress and Rent:


Economic progress has a close bearing on rent. Economic progress can take the form of: Continue reading.




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