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1- Buying Gold and Silver:


Buying gold and silver coins is one of the best and safe way to invest money. Trading for the gold and silver coins are always profitable. Gold coins and gold bars are available in the market. It is more better to purchase coins rather than bars. The benefit of gold coins over gold bars is that; the gold coins tend to build more numismatic value over time.


Benefit of buying gold coins is its ability to preserve your wealth from inflation or any other economic downturn a nation might face. Gold coins and gold bars have intrinsic value. The other benefit of buying gold coins is its ease to liquidate. Gold coins are one of the easiest assets to sell. Most investors that invest in gold are likely to buy coins because of its ability to accumulate numismatic value over time. If an investor is not familiar with a coin they can look at it and know how much gold and purity they are buying.


Anybody can invest in gold. You donít need to be rich and famous. Nor do you need to be experienced because all you need is a good guide or good point of reference for keeping informed about the gold market.


Gold investing is not a new phenomenon. Since ancient times and until the second half of the 20th century gold has been used by nations to anchor their respective currencies and throughout the ages it has been used by investors to preserve their wealth. Pure gold in its raw form is an extremely valuable asset. It does not rust or corrode over time.  It is portable, indestructible and relatively scarce.


Gold and precious metals are one of the most liquid assets in the world. Gold coins can be used as real money and as a form of bartering for goods and services. This cannot be said for other forms of investment such as real estate, bonds and stocks. In times of economic uncertainty such as those prevalent today gold offers you protection against financial instability and frailties.


These days many financial experts and advisors recommend making physical gold a part of your investment portfolio mainly because of its relationship with other investments such as stocks, shares and bonds which is known as negative correlation. It is generally recommended by financial professionals that you make precious metals between 10 and 30% of your overall portfolio.



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