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Theories of Economic Growth:


Adam Smith's Model of Economic Growth:


Adam Smith's model of economic growth is more or less available in the different parts of Smith's well reputed book "Wealth of Nations" written in 1776. This model primarily deals with capitalistic economies and their process of economic growth. Continue reading.


Ricardo's Model of Economic Growth:


The Ricardo's model of economic growth encompasses the production function, natural and human resources, capital accumulation and pattern of development. Now we present them. Continue reading.


Classical Model of Economic Growth:


Adam Smith and Ricardo both were the classical economists. They had much more similarities in their models of growth. Continue reading.


Marxian Model of Economic Growth:


The traces of Karl Marxian model of economic growth are available in his famous book "Das-Capital". He rejects the salient features of classical model of economic growth. Afterwards, he presents his own theory which has a social and historical framework where the economic forces play an important role. Continue reading.


J.E. Meade's Model of Economic Growth:


The model of economic growth which has been constructed by J.E. Meade describes those conditions which will be helpful for a sustainable economic growth in the presence of constant technical progress and a constant increase in population of a country. Continue reading.


Schumpeter Model of Economic Growth:


The Schumpeter model of economic growth moves round the inventions and innovations. This model is explained with the followings. Continue reading.


Secular Stagnation - Hansen's Thesis:


A.H. Hansen is also known as American Keynes. He has analyzed trade cycles, as well as he has suggested the measures regarding sustained economic growth. Continue reading.


Kaldor - Mirrlees Model of Economic Growth:


Kaldor presented his first model of economic growth in 1957 and second model in 1962. But here we will present that model which he presented in 1962 along with collaboration of Mirrlees. Continue reading.


Golden Rule of Economic Growth:


Mrs. Robinson includes the issue of population growth in her model. She shows the effects of Population on the rate of Capital Accumulation and rate of Growth of Output. Continue reading.


Neo-Classical Theory of Economic Growth:


We know that Hicks, J.E. Meade, Mrs. Joan Robinson, Salow and Prof. Swan are Neo-Classical economists. They have presented their growth models individually as Meade model (1961), Solow model (1956, 1960), Swan model (1956), and Mrs. Joan Robinson model (1956, 1999). Continue reading.



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