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Cost Analysis:


Concept of Cost of Production:


By "Cost of Production" is meant the total sum of money required for the production of a specific quantity of output. In the word of Gulhrie and Wallace. Continue reading.


Concepts of Economic Costs:


We have discussed the important types of cost which a firm has to face. The cost of production from the point of view of an individual firm is split up into the following parts. Continue reading.


Analysis of Short Run Cost of Production:


Short run is a period of time over which at least one factor must remain fixed. For most of the firms, the fixed resource or factors which cannot be increased to meet the rising demand of the good is capital i.e., plant and machinery. Continue reading.


Average Cost:


The entrepreneurs are no doubt interested in the total costs but they are equally concerned in knowing the cost per unit of the product. Continue reading.


Short Run and Long Run Average Cost Curves:


In the short run, the shape of the average total cost curve (ATC) is U-shaped. The, short run average cost curve falls in the beginning, reaches a minimum and then begins to rise. Continue reading.


Marginal Cost:


Marginal Cost is an increase in total cost that results from a one unit increase in output. It is defined as "the cost that results from a one unit change in the production rate". Continue reading.


Relation of Average Variable Cost and Average Total Cost to Marginal Cost:


Before we explain, the relation of average variable cost (AVC) and average total cost (ATC) to marginal cost (MC), it seems necessary that the various types of costs and their relationship should be shown in the form of a table. Continue reading.




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